Amazon propose plans to enter ticket selling market

According to the international news agency Reuters, Amazon are keen on the idea of venturing into the ticket selling industry and competing with the likes of Ticketmaster as the Ticketmaster company have had increased complaints on their overall customer service. A report has shown that there is a huge gap in the current ticketing market that Amazon can fit into.

With Amazon already being such a strong force in the music industry, they have many contacts that they are able to use to their advantage and this will help set up the new sub-company efficiently and quickly. With their huge capabilities of data handling and already having a massive database, Amazon are pretty much already able to enter the market with minimal investment, making it a good move for them to expand.

This move has been backed by many venue owners, sports leagues, clubs and teams as they all want to see more distributors to help boost ticket sales. As Amazon are the largest retail distributor in the world, linking sports merchandise and tickets together may persuade more people to buy more merchandise from sports clubs and teams.

Could we see Amazon takeover Ticketmaster in terms of sales? Stay tuned as we will keep you updated