Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren talks Mysteryland and reveals the reason for his tears at Untold Festival

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Armin van Buuren appeared on the popular talkshow of Eva Jinek last night in his homeland of the Netherlands. The Dutch five-time number one DJ in the world is one of the headliners at Mysteryland this weekend, which takes place for the 24th time,  just miles from his hometown. Ater a 10 year long absence van Buuren looks forward to closing the festival’s main stage on Sunday August 27th.

“Mysteryland has always been very special to me. It is the oldest dance festival in the Netherlands and it’s been 10 years that I last played it. The festival is held very close to where I grew up and still live, so it always feels like coming home. Mysteryland to me is the mother of all dance festivals. Tomorrowland once was its little sister, so it’s great to see that both festivals have grown this big over the past decade.”

Things got really interesting when Armin talked about feeling more creative ever since he was voted best DJ in the world.

“The last time I played Mysteryland was in 2007,  which is also the year that I was first crowned number 1 DJ in the world. Things really took off for me from that moment on. I enjoy what I do a lot more now, and I feel less pressure from the outside world. Of course I will always be competitive and it feels great to be the best, but I’ve become much more creative in the years after I was voted number 1 DJ in the world. I learned how to play the piano and the guitar and now each track that I produce starts with these instruments, instead of just another beat in the studio.”

Van Buuren also shared his thoughts on the high level of quality the dance music industry has come to know from Dutch DJ’s.

“I think it’s in the Dutch culture. When I grew up, everyone around me bought turntables and played records. Those were the early days of house music, when you were either into gabber house, or mellow house. Nowadays there are so many different styles and sounds, but it’s almost impossible to compare sounds and decide who’s the better DJ. We are all good and passionate about what we do. It’s really great to see the success of Martin Garrix for example, but his sound is completely different than mine. Even though he is much younger, it doesn’t feel like he is of a different generation. With music, age simply doesn’t matter.”

The trancemaster teared up again when talkshow host Eva Jinek finally asked him about the reason of his emotional outbreak, earlier this month at Romania’s Untold Festival.

“I simply have the best possible job in the world! It was 8:30 in the morning and 62.000 people just kept on dancing to my set. It literally brings me to tears when I see what music does to people. There were three girls standing front row, waving their flags, and one of them burst into tears with almost every tune that I played. At one point I thought: please stop crying, because you are going to make me cry as well! And so it happened…”

Both Armin van Buuren and the Mysteryland crowd are looking at another tearful and epic weekend, as Armin’s finale on Sunday is set to be a spectacular and top of the bill show once again. In the meantime, here is a reminder of the memorable set at Untold Festival earlier in the month.

Photographs: Bart Heemskerk