Armin van Buuren gets emotional during his Untold Festival 5.5 hour performance

Armin van Buuren unexpectedly wept during his epic 5 and a half hour set at this year’s Untold Festival. The Dutch trance legend, dubbed the king of the genre, was overcome with emotion as he played for thousands of fans at the stadium in Cluj, Romania. He visibly shed tears and the video of the performance shows some fans doing just the same.

Trance is about an emotional journey, provided by the uplifting melodies of the music and lyrics, so it is no surprise Armin van Buuren was moved. In his official Vlog, Van Buuren did not explain the tears but showcased the moment with live footage of him smiling and crying tears of joy, wiping them away, as fans did the same.

Fans respond by holding their arms aloft as Armin did, after he appeared to utter a prayer, and then the stadium breaks out into a football-style chant. The love evident in the massive stadium reveals the power of electronic dance music’s beauty to touch people on a deeper level and its positive effect on fans and performers.

Originally slated to perform for just 2 hours, the king of trance wound up performing for over 5 hours. In the aforementioned tour video diary, he mentioned being hungover, but the effect of travel and drinking had little bearing on the superstar DJ’s stamina and his enthusiasm on display.

Watch the amazing set below: