Avicii 2017 without you

Avicii discusses his new EP with Pete Tong on BBC Radio One

Avicii recently spoke to the legendary Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1, discussing his post-touring life and the creation of the new EP  AVĪCI (01).

Tong himself remarked on how people confused Avicii’s retirement from live shows with a retirement outright and Bergling responded that it was difficult to even look at turntables for a while. Although he misses the excitement at times, the reason for leaving life on the road behind was simply to leave behind the celebrity lifestyle:

“It’s the speed, it’s the action… I’ve been so happy and stress free.”

After bidding goodbye to live sets this time last year in Ibiza, he ditched his cellphone and took the entire year to tour the world, going on safari, seeing gorillas in the wild, and unwinding.

As for a return to the DJ booth, Bergling didn’t rule it out:

“I want to feel normal for a while before I make any decision to go back.”

Avicii went to Nashville after finishing his globetrotting, writing a majority of the songs there. The decision to release separate EPs rather than a traditional album was motivated by fan pressure for IDs and unreleased material to be released.

He commented that Los Angeles is an easier place to make music for the availability of recording studios, but Sweden is less hectic. Curiously, he said the featured artists aren’t big names, but Rita Ora and AlunaGeorge may disagree. However, he did state that he prioritised the quality of the EP’s vocals to provide the emotion needed on each track rather than chasing after big names.

The most exciting piece of news is that the entire project will be released as 3 different EP releases. Overall, Bergling sounded happy to be producing again, although fans remains hopeful for the Swedish legend’s return to the stage.