Avicii's final EP

Avicii releases space-themed music video for “Friend Of Mine”

Avicii has made an absolutely booming comeback in the dance music world in releasing his first of multiple EP’s with Avīci. The six-track project takes the Swedish DJ back to his roots with songs that remind us of why he has been one of the best producers in music. Now, Avicii is starting to release music and lyric videos to accompany the songs from the EP and “Friend Of Mine” with Vargas & Lagola has just received that treatment. The track was a clear standout piece of the project with Avicii’s iconic guitar and uplifting lyrics that lead into an epic progressive house drop.

The lyric video for “Friend Of Mine” has already amassed over a million views in under 24 hours so that should be a solid indicator of how well the single has done so far. The animated tale follows two astronauts through their mysterious journey around a dark and ominous world. The video serves as a part one piece to the story and is followed by the “Lonely Together” piece, which continues on the astronauts’ venture. We can only assume that the rest of the lyric videos from the EP will most likely follow in the same style as Avicii continues to release them going forward.

Stream the music video below.