Disco mastermind Birdee returns with another brilliant remix of Canadian singer Betty Moon's synthpop single "Life Is But A Dream".

Premiere: Betty Moon – Life Is But A Dream (Birdee Remix)

Los Angeles-based artist Birdee is back with another brilliant production. This time around, the disco mastermind fuses in his signature sounds to Toronto native Betty Moon‘s synthpop single “Life Is But A Dream“.

With over a decade of experience in the dance music scene, Birdee has easily become one of the most outstanding talents in the business. He has traveled all across the globe and has performed at some of the world’s prominent festivals, clubs, and venues, especially in Europe and Australia.

Throughout his career, Birdee’s discography has impressed many famous names as well, including the likes of Fatboy Slim and Pete Herbert. Additionally, BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, and Capital Radio have also shown their support toward Birdee’s incredible releases.

Since dropping his breakthrough single “Shake It”, Birdee has ascended to the higher ranks of the industry following the release of more top-notch productions. Especially with the success of his ‘Three Sides of Love EP’, his future is looking bright and promising.

Birdee has recently returned with another remarkable track in the form of a remix of Betty Moon’s “Life Is A Dream”. The remix brilliantly blends the original’s vocals with Birdee’s disco elements, which provides the listeners with some old-school vibes while keeping a modern twist. Consisting of striking piano chords, a catchy beat, and a funky progression, this record is a perfect package for any dance music enthusiast.

Listen to Birdee’s remix exclusively on We Rave You below: