Bicep – Glue

After announcing the release date of their self-titled debut album in June and also releasing the first single entitled Aura, Irish duo Bicep are back with the albums second single, this time serving up some break-beat rave vibes on Glue.

Speaking about the album, the production and DJ duo have said it would be “loose, raw and energetic enough for the dance floor, yet refined, artfully composed and contemplative enough for home listening” and that aspect can definitely be felt on Glue. A much sought after track which has been making appearances in their DJ and live sets over the past year, the lush synths work perfectly for listening through your headphones while also sounding masterful on a big sound-system in a club or festival.

Evoking pure emotion on this release, the duo’s love of old trance records can also be felt with a melancholic chord progression unlike anything else heard in modern electronic music. Those muffled vocal cuts which also appear throughout the main section of the track acts to further tug on the listeners heartstrings while adding extra depth to the tune.

Bicep are a duo known for their catchy melodic hooks and evolving sound which is becoming more and more unique on each release and in the buildup to their much anticipated album we can only expect that the full LP will be filled with sounds and styles which haven’t been explored before.

You can listen to Glue below: