Home Uncategorized Dublin based tribute act aim to recreate Daft Punk’s ‘Pyramid’
They've got the leather jackets,

Dublin based tribute act aim to recreate Daft Punk’s ‘Pyramid’

Home Uncategorized Dublin based tribute act aim to recreate Daft Punk’s ‘Pyramid’

They’ve got the leather jackets, trademark robot helmets, and most importantly, they have the music. For the last 6 years, Dublin based tribute act ‘Daft as Punk’ have been stepping behind the masks of their favourite French duo, giving Irish crowds a chance to live the fantasy at a fraction of the cost. One essential element that has been missing, or shall we say, slightly scaled down, was the duo’s larger than life ‘pyramid’ stage, as featured on their 2007 Alive tour.

Daft Punk‘s original pyramid had long been the first of its kind, unwittingly building the foundation for the spectacular LED light shows that have become an industry standard at massive events like Ultra and EDC. At the time, the famed pyramid was considered by many to be the best light show an audience had ever seen.

Further building on the firm foundation set out by the French duo, who have since become Grammy winners, the tribute act has set themselves a mammoth task. Clearly stating their intentions, according to the Dublin-based duo, they have spent “an arm and a leg” constructing a full-scale replica of the pyramid, which will grace their performance at The Button FactoryAnticipation for the event has exceeded all expectations, as the performance scheduled for 20 October 2017 sold out almost 2 months before.

While the legendary French pair consisting of  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, may not be performing themselves, fans of both Daft Punk and their Irish counterparts, are sure to be entertained by “The World’s No1 Daft Punk Tribute Act”.

Daft Punk’s original pyramid below:



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