Goodbye David

David Guetta was nearly convinced by lawyers to have his fingers insured

In one of the more bizarre news stories that you will hear this week, superstar DJ David Guetta almost added his fingers to his insurance plan. While this may seem completely absurd to many of us, it is not an uncommon thing to do in the sports world. Soccer legend David Beckham had reportedly added a multi-million pound insurance policy to keep himself protected in case of a freak accident.

In an interview with the Daily Star Newspaper, Guetta told them this.

“I actually looked into this because my lawyer said, ‘You have to insure your fingers.” I said, ‘It sounds too crazy for me.’ I’m not judging anybody, but I didn’t do it.”

If you think about it, it really isn’t the craziest idea because DJs and producers could not function without the use of their fingers. From working behind the decks to creating tracks in the studio, you would be nearly paralyzed in your craft without your digits. If all David Guetta had to do was add it to his plan for a small sum of money, it may have been worth it considering he ranked 7th on Forbes list of the highest paid DJs of 2017.

Guetta has had an extremely busy year so far as he just premiered his brand new collaboration with Martin Garrix and Ellie Goulding during his performance at Tomorrowland. He also just released his chart-topping vocal single “Complicated” with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and looks to continue his hot streak in the coming months.