Delayers talk about inspirations, future and latest track ‘Bass Code’ in interview

Hailing straight out of San Marino, the Italian trio of Federico Bombini, John Carattoni and Luca Zucchi, better known by their DJ and production moniker Delayers, have been quick to climb up the ranks in the industry along with a marked development in their sound. That aspect is clearly reflected in ‘Bass Code‘ – their latest release on Sander van Doorn’s Doorn Records – showcasing their undoubtedly talented adeptness behind the production desk.

Aside from their own releases, the trio have also made quite a name for themselves with older releases such as a thumping rendition for the ever classic Nari & Milani hit ‘Atom‘ with fellow Italian Maurizio Gubellini after they were chosen by the original artists themselves and another track with Tiesto and Nari & Milani titled ‘Move To The Rhythm‘ on the former’s Musical Freedom. Following those days of glory, the trio saw the next 3 years being essential to announcing themselves to the mainstream with releases on the likes of Bingo Players’ Hysteria Records, Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music, Kryder’s Sosumi among others. A strong start for 2017 with a release on Hysteria Records and the strengthening of their Heroes radio-show with more mixes, the Delayers trio show no signs of stopping now. While on their path to more and better, we grabbed some time with them to get them to talk to us in this exclusive interview:

You’ve just released your new record “Bass Code” on Doorn Records. Could you tell us more about how the idea for the track came to life?

The idea behind Bass Code was to create a track with an energetic drop and different from the rest in order to make the crowd go crazy in a festival or in a club.

Following on from the previous questions, how did the collaboration come to life? How did you and SLVR meet and what made you decide to join forces?

We did a first demo of Bass Code in our studio few months ago and then Alessandro (SLVR) came to visit us he literally felt in love with the track and we decide to work together on it. SLVR loves and does a really fresh and cool house music and we thought that he could give that “house-y” vibe in that track.

We’ve seen a major change in direction in recent years from the typical DELAYERS sound. What made you switch from bigger sounds to the more bass/house influenced records?

In these last few years we grew a lot and we want to prove that we can produce different genres but always giving our personal touches. We don’t think this is a problem because thanks God no matter what we do but we have always great feedback from the crowd and the famous DJs.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

We have different backgrounds and maybe this is a positive things for us because thanks to this we get inspired from different genres and of course from all the Electronic legends like Daft Punk, David Guetta, Tiesto and more.

Have there been times in the studio when you felt like you’ve run out of ideas/directions to go in with a particular sound? If so, how have you dealt with it in the past? Any advice you can offer to producers who face the same issue?

It could happen sometimes but fortunately we have been so inspired in the studio lately. One trick to remain inspired is always to listen new music and all the classics.

What’s next for the Delayers trio? Any new music?

After Bass Code on Doorn we have 2 big releases planned for the future on 2 amazing labels that you going to know really soon about them. We have collaborations with D.O.D, Matt Nash, Vush, Hercle and other artists and we also just finished a remix for J Balvin.

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