Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz’s timeless “Pjanoo” celebrates its 9th birthday

While a large portion of current dance music fans may have not been following the scene in the late 2000s, there were countless iconic tracks produced in that era that we still think about today. One of those was produced by progressive house king Eric Prydz, entitled ‘Pjanoo’, which turns nine years old this week. The single topped countless charts across over 10 countries, and soared to number 1 on the UK dance chart back in 2008. It has been featured in video games including Grand Theft Auto, and has also been played during multiple TV shows throughout the years.

‘Pjanoo’ has one of those extremely infectious melodies that is instantly recognizable when dropped at a concert or festival. The epic progression into the house-infused drop makes it a timeless classic that is just one of the many hits that the Swedish legend has produced over the course of his career.

Before officially releasing ‘Pjanoo’, Eric Prydz was extremely skeptical about its nature due to a poor reception from the crowd. Clearly he had nothing to worry about, as it has become one of the biggest hits in dance music history since its release.

“I played it in a club in northern UK in 2006. Didn’t get the reaction I thought I would, so I didn’t play it for years until I found the CD while playing at ‘Ambassadeur’ club in Stockholm. Played it for fun again and it went off. Someone filmed it and it ended up on YouTube.”

Relive the iconic single below.