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Ibiza authorities ban music from beach parties

The party capital of the world, Ibiza, is facing huge changes, with ravers facing up to the potential death of the beach parties their island has become famous for. 

The San José municipal town hall of Ibiza has warned 16 of its most popular beach clubs that they are no longer permitted to hire DJs or play live music in a move that has been met with much anger through the dance music community.  The crackdown comes in the face of much controversy over the issues of Locals .vs. Tourists on the white isle, with local residents and business owners aiming to dampen the loud nature of Ibiza’s party culture, claiming it harms their trading, and general life quality. 

Venues like Blue Marlin, Bora Bora and CBBC, have long been popular in Ibiza for their sandy locations and sea-based dance parties, with DJs such as Pete Tong pumping big tunes for the Balearic faithful. But residents have set up campaigns to snatch back the beaches from dance music, a decision the local authorities have now backed.

Most recently the Balearic Tourist law was passed, which states that noise levels must now be lowered from 85db to now 65db for next season. Heavy fines are expected for those that do not comply. With regards to permits and licenses that have already been granted, authorities say they were done so via the central island government, the Consell, and not through the San José local council. Apparently none of the clubs in question have been granted licenses through both municipalities.

What do you make of these new changes? It is right that locals have such power over party-goers of the clubbing capital? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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