Ibiza clubs call for the closure of illegal parties

A group of establishments in Ibiza are pleading with local authorities to implement harsher on illegal parties, calling for punishments and even closure.

Venues such as Ushuaïa, Blue Marlin Ibiza, DC-10 and Café Mambo, are keen to please locals who have made a series of complaints over the unlicensed events, with the recent council crackdown seeing music banned at beach parties. The anger is aimed at ‘large format’ parties that cause significant noise disturbance to the neighbours.

Most of the unlicensed events in question are villa parties. Last year, San José council issued 14 citations to the owners of 7 houses and the Leisure Association of Ibiza would like to see more crackdowns on the parties which are believed to attract high level of prostitution and drugs.

Keen to maintain Ibiza as a pristine haven, the move comes as part of a campaign to restore the white isle‘s reputation as luxurious island, and to push out the rowdy behaviour of tourists.

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