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After having released their debut 3-track EP on Armada Music’s sub-label Who’s Afraid Of 138?!, the WARRIORS duo of Israeli artists, namely the mainstream hotshot MR. BLACK and the Psy-trance legend Skazi, are back at it again with a collaborative remix with their legendary compatriots of the Infected Mushroom duo for the latter’s 2007 hit ‘Becoming Insane’. Officially announced for release during a live performance at the Playground Music Festival 2017 in Sao Paulo, the collaborative effort was premiered first by MR. BLACK on one of his mixes. A thrilling collaboration in so much so that it is the coming together of two of the industry’s ever present virtuoso production duos, the ‘Becoming Insane’ remix kicks up the original a notch and gives it a touch of modernity.

What is markedly showcased in the remix is the further detailing that was brought to the original’s structure. In an uncanny way, it is the re-imagination of the legendary original track that tries to expand its horizons beyond the production style of its original release years. Undoubtedly touted and proven to be a thumping presence off the main-stage decks, the ‘Becoming Insane’ remix is an absolute charmer for any listener who had his or her heart set on the original when it came out – as it borrows the blueprint and gives a chance to have that first time experience again.

You can stream the ‘Becoming Insane’ remix below and purchase it through the link here.