Major Lazer

Major Lazer turn up the heat in new “Sua Cara” music video

Major Lazer released the music video for ‘Sua Cara‘ with a desert theme fitting of the sizzling track.

Frontman Diplo is joined by featured artists Anitta and Pabllo Vittar. The beautiful Brazilians sing in their native Portuguese, and in keeping with the lyrical theme about “your face” they obscure their faces with various fashion and hair pieces.

Dancing in the desert, the duo encircle a seated Diplo, who curiously sometimes is not as prominent as one would think. Motorcylcists zip around during various points of the video.

Major Lazer embraces world music with gusto, taking cues from all over the globe. ‘Sua Cara‘ is no exception, with Portuguese singers in a Saharan desert.

The tropical track avoids repeating the sounds that made the trio famous in hit singles like ‘Lean On‘ in a burst of original creativity that shows how Major Lazer is ever evolving while remaining true to their sound.

Check out the video below: