Marco Deleoni feat. Nathan Brumley – Nice To Meet You

Italian DJ and producer Marco Deleoni has just collaborated with American singer Nathan Brumley for a brand new release on Music Life Records. Titled as “Nice To Meet You“, this track focuses on an astounding progressive house style that will undoubtedly please any listener from the first beat to the last.

Born in 1976 in the city of Turin, Deleoni is yet another brilliant export from Italy and throughout his career, he has continuously proven his ground as one of the industry’s most talented artists. Inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and Simple Minds, Deleoni has perfectly honed his signature sound as years passed by and he showcases it through his brand new track “Nice To Meet You”.

For his latest single, Deleoni joined forces with Nashville’s own Nathan Brumley, who is easily one of the most versatile talents in the business. Not only is he a vocalist under the electronic dance, indie rock, Christian pop and pop rock music genres, but he is also known for his production work for both film and television.

“Nice To Meet You” perfectly blends Brumley’s vocals with Deleoni’s superb instrumentals. After the buildup of chord progressions and melodic breakdowns, the climatic sequences deliver a vast surge of energy. Filled with heavy synths and heart-pumping basslines, the track’s drops, most specifically, will surely enliven a crowd of any size all across the globe.

Listen to the track below and you can download a copy from Beatport here.