Marshmello single ‘Find Me’ gets an official music video release

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Aside from releasing some of the industry’s biggest, most notorious originals since his start back 2016, the “SuMmeR” producer Marshmello always knows the perfect amount of fun-energy to send his music videos to another level. From taking on graduation during “Moving On” to the grocery store in “Keep It Mello”, this pioneer has kept his million follower traffic constantly on their toes with what’s to come. This summer he’s back with the fresh music video release of the over 3 million played hit, “Find Me”.

With a bouncy, modern aesthetic carrying the video throughout, the L.A. creator keeps his eyes targeted on the younger audience as he attends a college frat party. Incorporating hilarious puns to only further shine a light on his out-there personality, the #MELLOGANG master hits home as he shows fitting in might not always be the right thing to do. As the original plays out, he goes from being teased to becoming the life of the party. Combining a ton of Twinkies, dancing, partying, and a powerful feeling of unity, the “Find Me” music video might be his best design yet.

Having hit literally the entire world this festival season, Marshmello can do no wrong in the eyes of the EDM world as he continues to push the boundaries in the world of music.

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