Paris & Simo featuring Karen Harding – Come As You Are

Canadian DJ and producer duo Paris & Simo have been a staple in the electronic dance music scene throughout the last decade and they have recently reinvented their sound. Their new single “Come As You Are” is the ultimate end of summer tune featuring United Kingdom vocalist Karen Harding and is out now via the Physical Presents imprint.

The feel good single is about as positive of a dance music song that you will see in today’s age. With its message of staying true to yourself, “Come As You Are” is extremely refreshing as Harding’s powerful vocals combined with the soothing melody make it a song you would play on repeat while relaxing the beach or even at a pool party. Paris & Simo have been known in the past for their uptempo progressive and electro house sound, but their new wave of productions is allowing them to set themselves apart with a unique identity.

In speaking about their new collaboration, the duo emphasized the importance of the empowering message behind the track.

“We firmly believe that everyone should have freedom of expression without being judged to share their ideas. This is a feel good track which exudes those positive vibes.”

Stream the single below on SoundCloud and let us know what you think.