Pendulum, Rob Swire

Rob Swire announces the making of new Pendulum album

Australian drum and bass band Pendulum have graced the music scene for well over a decade and continue to excite crowds where they perform. During that period of time, the band has produced an array of successful tracks their fans have come to love such as ‘Tarantula’, ‘Watercolor’ and ‘Slam’.

Now front vocalist and founder Rob Swire has announced that he is going to be working on a new Pendulum album via his social media twitter account. The casual announcement quoted: “I am so fu***** bored of EDM and lit drops and Serum patches and fEsTiVaL bAsS. I’m gonna make a new Pendulum album”. Great news for Pendulum fans who may have dreamed of this moment.

Pendulum’s last album ‘Immersion’ which featured the sensational track ‘The Island’ was released way back in 2010 so the album may sure be worth the wait.

Rob followed up his tweet broadcasting that the album: “It’s going to have guitars and vox and dnb and be completely irrelevant, which I’m starting to think might actually be a good thing”. If we all know what Rob Swire is like, he will be in the studio working on that album until it is perfect.

Check out Rob Swire’s Twitter account here for updates or to see if the frontman drops any more news on the album progression.