Showtek & We Are Loud’s classic big-room anthem “Booyah” turns four years old

Dance music was in an extremely different place four summers ago. Big room was the undeniable king of genres and was unescapable at any concert or festival you went to. One of the most iconic tracks of that era had to be Showtek and We Are Loud’s ultimate collaboration “Booyah” featuring Sonny Wilson. The single was released four years ago and we wanted to celebrate the track’s birthday as it was a clear piece of the golden era age of dance music.

Featuring blaring horns and a signature melody that you could identify from miles away, “Booyah” is still a festival staple in today’s dance music scene that gets any crowd going nuts. The track boasts Sonny Wilson’s infectious reggae-infused vocals, which leads into an big room house lead that will rattle your speakers.

While Showtek has stepped slightly away from the festival sound that they were known for a few years back, they always feature the single as the closing track of their sets with live vocals from Sonny Wilson. Countless artists still drop the track in their own edits or mashups as well as it has become such a notoriously-known release over the years.

Check out the official music video below to bring back some nostalgia from a past period in electronic dance music.