Slushii – Out of Light [Album Review]

Since emerging onto the electronic music scene, Slushii has been a focal point of many people’s attention. Long associated with the likes of Marshmello and Jauz due to their shared managers and collaborations, Slushii takes a step out of their shadows with the wonderfully crafted album, Out of Light. The 13-track album showcases the artist’s multifaceted production talents, but also his vocal range that few producers can replicate.

Opening with the soothing melodies of “Into the Light,” the album starts off strong and illustrates that Slushii will bring a variety of styles and beats to the table with the album. “Step by Step” showcases Slushii’s vocal range paired with a harder hitting beat. The track should be a familiar one to fans, who heard its release just under a month ago.

One of the true standouts on the album, “Fly High” features a gradually building beat that gives way to a bouncy drop, a sound that seems heavily inspired by Marshmello. The light-hearted synths play wonderfully in unison with his voice. One of the most unique tracks on the album, “Someone Else” offers a grooving house melody, a sound that has not been illustrated by the young American in the past. “Melting over You” offers a quick 180 from the previous record, bringing a bass-driven Caribbean-like sound.

Slowing things down for the next track, “Forever” has the feel of a modern-day rap record, featuring heavy snares with a deep bass kick. “Reason” quickly picks the tempo up once again, with steady builds to a chopped drop that will be sure to rock festivals and clubs for the rest of the summer. The beat is one of the most unique of the album.

Following up, a track fans should be familiar with, “I Still Recall” is another showcase of Slushii’s vocal talents. “My Senses” features a rhythmic synth throughout the track to pair along with piano chords, once again creating an island sound that is wonderfully successful. The bouncy melodies of “Hold On” once again illustrate the influences of Slushii’s dear friend, Marshmello, before the track takes a turn to the heavier side in its drop.

Wrapping up the album, “Dear Me,” “I’ll Be There,” and “Out of Light” seem to bring the energy back down to more downtempo beats, focusing on a strong closing. They all succeed, with the final track pulling off a gripping, emotional conclusion.

Slushii’s first foray into a studio album is remarkably impressive, especially given how young and new he is to the electronic music scene. With his impressive catalog of music only continuing to grow and his sets providing incredible energy day in and day out, the sky is the limit for his future.