Tchami – Revelations EP

French DJ and producer Tchami is widely known for paving the way of the future house genre movement and now he is back to take us to church once again. His highly anticipated new ‘Revelations EP’ has been one of the most talked-about projects this summer and it does not disappoint. The extended play was promoted with two main singles with “Adieu“, which was released back in February, and “World To Me“, from earlier this summer.

The EP kicks off with the tropical house-infused vocal collaboration with Luke James, “World To Me,” which has easily become one of this summer’s biggest anthems. The track is then followed by the deep house smashes “Godspell” and “Don’t Let Me Down” that would get any crowd immediately on their feet and shuffling. The most interesting piece of the project has to be “Adieu, Pt. II“, which got us extremely excited as part one known simply as “Adieu” has been one of the biggest tracks of 2017 with around 1.25 million streams on Soundcloud. The downtempo second piece has a much more atmospheric sound to it as he reworks the original with a refreshing taste.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Tchami was asked what his main goal was in the creation process of the new release.

“Share a little bit more of me with the world in a way that I can handle mentally. Meaning, not repeating myself is a huge factor, or I will get bored and won’t enjoy the experience at all. As I always say, I’ll do this until this.”

Tchami clearly sought to experiment with some fresh and interesting sounds on this new EP and it easily sets itself at the top of the list for one of the best releases this year. There is a track for every EDM fan and any Tchami supporter has to be extremely pleased with his ability to build upon his unique production style.

Stream the full EP below on Spotify and let us known which track is your favorite.