The Bloody Beetroots – Saint Bass City Rockers

2017 marks Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo‘s 10th prestigious year in the Electro House scene. His world-renown Electro & Rock infused sounds have inspired fans across the globe. The Bloody Beetroots‘ latest release, however, teases fans to a potential resurrection of the visceral project.

Saint Bass City Rockers‘ is definitely something different, unique, and certainly out of left field. It draws an uncanny likeness from bans like AC/DC and Jet with dirty, distorted and crunchy electric guitars as well as heavy bass in the verses. Nevertheless, when the drop hits, it reminds listeners that they are in fact, listening to an electro house tracks. Crisp, jagged saws and pulsating synths add to the full, chaotic sound that is ‘Saint Bass City Rockers’.

Upon finishing the track, producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo sad the following:

“I imagined this voyage as I wrote the song. A long voyage, an electronic mantra that is articulated with different melodies, touching various spots around the world from California, India, Norway and England.”

Rifo also recently released another mesmerising track titled ‘My Name Is Thunder” which has gained a great amount of recognition in recent weeks, attracting 81,000 YouTube views and 116,000 Spotify streams since its July release.

Listen to ‘Saint Bass City Rockers’ newest track below!

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