Y-DAPT opens up about his latest track ‘Touch Me’ in latest interview

Joining the list of seemingly endless impeccably talented producer with peculiar personalities is Y-DAPT. Admittedly following in the steps of legendary production setups like The Chemical Brothers and Gorillaz, the talented and aspiring producer has much to showcase in terms of top notch production output. With impressive tracks such  Brookezya and a remix for the famous Dillon Francis’ collaboration ‘Say Less’, Y-DAPT has shown that it is not only his style that steps out of the box when it comes to the production desk but its also an aspect of his personality – wherein he dons the alter-ego of trippy Chameleon. 

He has recently put up his track ‘Touch Me’ on his Soundcloud and has raked in impressive numbers. ‘Touch Me’ showcases the producer at his best yet again as he mixes up computer generated snippets and throwback style synths to crop up an impressive record. So, that was enough about the producer from us, let us hear what Y-DAPT can tell us about the persona behind the Chameleon. Here is Y-DAPT in conversation.

How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

My roots are firmly planted in the music world by many years now; as many DJ/Producer I started playing around different instruments and styles till I made it to electronic music production. What inspired me to pursue in music is the constant chance of being inspired.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

I’ve made different experiences, met many people and camouflaged in crazy situations; I wouldn’t like to attribute my style to a specific person or life event. I see every chat, discovering or hitches as knots in the vest that form our ideas.

Specifically speaking about our industry I think those who have given me something unique and precious in terms of influences are The M Machine, Koan Sound, Culprate plus of course legends like The Chemical Brothers, Gorillaz and Mr. Oizo.

Earlier this summer you’ve released a huge record “Brookezya”. Could you tell us how the track came to life?

I can say Brookezya came out from a bet, for this track I wanted to wink to the records of the hip-hop pioneers, like the Zulu Nation or Grandmaster Flash. I tried to convey many of their elements, such as the hypnotic vocoded voices and the subtle retro 808 percussion into a modern sub-by breakbeat rhythm.

You have certainly brought a breath of fresh air with your latest releases “Touch Me” & “Brookezya”, while being part of a larger movement. Where do you think the current dance music landscape is headed? One year from now? In 5 years?

The last few years have come a long way. I think it has been quite a tough period for many, especially for those producers who try not to deliver a pre-packed chart-ready products. Even though, I see lots of people in the underground scene pushing new stuff without getting involved into music industry clichés. Good things are about to happen.

You’ve given an interesting twist on Dillon Francis & G-Eazy’s “Say Less”. What inspired the idea behind this remix? Do you have any other remixes lined up for the remainder of the year?

To tell the truth that remix came out from nowhere, I had that drop idea stocked in my laptop since 2014 and never had the time to make it work. When the Dillon Francis X Wavo contest came out I must admit I’ve seen the light so I twisted the track to “switch to a new style”. I’ve no other remixes on the way but you never know what ideas will pop out in this big yellow head!

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017 in terms of music?

Surely you will have to expect for new music, I’ve been working on other singles, collaborations and my first EP too! Be ready for fresh new weirdness soon and make sure to follow me to stay in touch.

The song is available for download on Y-DAPT’s Soundcloud here.

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