Canadian producer Dustin Miles releases his tropical house-infused remix of Alius' single "Nobody Can Hear You", featuring the vocals of Ariela Jacobs.

Alius feat. Ariela Jacobs – Nobody Can Hear You (Dustin Miles Remix)

Canadian talent Dustin Miles is back with another melodic masterpiece in the form of a brand new remix. Originally produced by himself alongside frequent collaborator Alius, Miles has recently dropped his tropical house-infused rendition of the track “Nobody Can Hear You“, which features the vocals of Australian vocalist Ariela Jacobs.

Hailing from Edmonton, Miles has proven himself worthy of a spotlight within the electronic dance music circuit. His music can speak volumes as they not only present such top-notch quality, they also effectively showcase Miles’ incredible prowess and creativity. From his singles “AMASI” and “Recover” featuring Kedo Rebelle to his remixes for the likes of Avicii and Galantis, Miles has consistently shown his abilities to deliver first-rate productions under his name.

Throughout his career, Miles has teamed up with Sebastian Ivanov, or most notably known as Alius. The two artists have joined forces for tracks such as “Half My Luck” and most recently, “The Way I Feel”, which was released just last week. Miles and Alius also collaborated on “Nobody Can Hear You” and several months after the original’s release, Miles fused in his signature tropical house sounds to create an absolute summer hit.

Featuring a blend of astonishing melodies and striking plucks, this remix provides a euphoric vibe for the audience from beginning to end. The progressions of the track are nonetheless mind-blowing, which will certainly bring out goosebumps for some listeners. Especially with Jacobs’ riveting vocals, Miles’ new take on “Nobody Can Hear You” is an uplifting rework of its predecessor and a must-hear production for any fan this summer.

Listen to the full remix below.