Amsterdam passes bill to impose noise and location limitations on festivals

Over the weekend, officials in the city of Amsterdam revealed that they will be placing strict noise limits throughout the city, specifically aimed at electronic dance music festivals such as the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in October. Earlier this summer, authorities were contemplating the change due to a high level of complaints from the city’s residents that believe the festivals are much louder than they need to be. A spokesperson for the Amsterdam City Council stated:

“Organizers are now mainly concerned with how the sound sounds on the field. According to the new rules, they will also have to focus on the question of the effect of noise on the environment, and how to minimize the inconvenience.”

As of next January the noise bill will officially come into place, and will limit sound to 85 decibels for any festivals that take place in Amsterdam. The city’s Night Mayor Mirik Milan spoke on the new regulations and the effects that they will have going forward. He emphasized that the bill was put forth to actually protect festivals, because there have been countless lawsuits in the past from residents who believe the noise has only had a negative impact on their lives.

“All the promoters are happy with the results. It will cost them more money but they’re happy that they don’t have to stop [putting on events]. At the start of the process the city asked us if the scene could do with 20 to 25% fewer festivals in the Amsterdam area. This was, of course, no option for us because it would kill a lot of boutique festivals that maybe only organize one or two events a year. Keeping the scene open to all operators big and small was our goal from the beginning.”