Anderblast open up about their latest SIZE release ‘Genesi’ in exclusive interview

Undoubtedly a team of two of the most promising producers on the scene from Italy, DJ and production duo of Anderblast have made sure that their rise has been well noted and steady with their impressive output. From their yesteryear productions such as ‘Euphoria‘ and Dirty Ducks collaboration ‘Hammer‘ to their recent releases on Fedde Le Grand‘s Flamingo Recordings and Salto Sound’s Moganga, the duo of Phill Guidetti and Ricky Lugli have shown tremendous growth not only in terms of reach but also as artists and their production sound. And with their biggest release till date having arrived on none other than Steve Angello‘s SIZE Records, the Anderblast duo’s collaboration ‘Genesi‘ with Havoc & Lawn is ready to show the world what the buzz is all about.

‘Genesi’ sees the Anderblast duo deliver their best work from behind the production desk as they collaborate with fellow Italian production duo of Havoc & Lawn to mix and mash crisp techno beats with a now mellow and now driving melody – an aspect of production that showcases them far away from their usual style of production. Albeit a different path for the duo to walk upon, the track is no surprise to the SIZE Recordings set-up as it seamlessly slots in with their myriad of releases which are products of out-of-the-box thinking. Assuredly a new avenue for all involved, we sat down with the Anderblast duo to have some pressing questions answered.

Congratulations on your new release “Genesi” with Havoc & Lawn. What made you decide to work together, and what was your inspiration behind the record? Was there a story behind it?

Thanks a lot. We decided to collaborate together since we felt that our musical style could blend well with theirs. We live close to each other and we have worked together on various studio sessions. With Havoc & Lawn there was already a collaboration, but something was missing. So we started a new draft with a different style, using new instrument, completely different from the previous. That was finished with them. This is how ‘Genesi’ was born.

How does it feel to be signed by Steve Angello’s Size records? often artists shape their productions to fit the label, was this case with your latest release, or did you feel like you captured the vision you wanted with the track?

We are really satisfied to have reached this level. According to us, SIZE is one of the most sought after recording labels on the global electronic scene. So, we are very proud to be part of it. having reached this goal, we received the confirmation that the path we are taking is the right one for us. We think that the winning feature of the track is the fact that we decided not to follow the current market.

Speaking of your latest SIZE release, it certainly differs from your previous productions, while the others are groovier and energetic this one is much darker and techno influenced, is this a hint of a change in musical direction for you? Or do you just like to keep your productions diverse?

Over the years we tried not to repeat ourselves in our productions, however this time the change has been radical. After several years of production, we realized that something needed to change. We have changed instruments, software and how we work trying harder than before.

The first time we heard the name Anderblast was in your collaboration with Dirty Ducks, “Hammer”. How has the journey been so far? Can you describe some struggles and achievements you’ve had as a duo?

During these years we have been supported by many world famous DJs and we have released tracks for very important labels such as Flamingo, Big & Dirty, Moganga.. This has helped us grow as artists. Of course, there have been challenges as is normal for this ever changing market.

What are your upcoming plans? Do you have anything special planned for ADE and the winter season?

Recently we became part of Virus T Studio Mangement. With them, we will be releasing several new tracks. We can already announce that our next track will be released by WOOF records, owned by Nari & Milani. Unfortunately, We will not be present at ADE festival because we have been busy working on our own label, but we will talk about this another time…

Their stellar collaboration ‘Genesi’ with Havoc & Lawn is available on SIZE Recordings on Apple Music and Beatport here.

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