Avicii goes live for first ever ‘Avicii FM radio show’

Having just passed a year since he performed his final live performance in Ibiza, Avicii is back with his debut ‘Avicii FM radio show’. With his recently released EP AVICI (01), he has cast himself back into the spotlight with some fantastic tracks including ‘Lonely Together‘ with Rita Ora and ‘Without You‘ featuring Sandro Cavazza. Now the talented musician and music producer has joined many other DJs with the release of his own radio show.

Avicii took to his Facebook, where he livestreamed the very first episode of his radio show. A small countdown ensured watchers were ready before a short video introduction took place, highlighting some of his performances over the last few years.

Announcing this month’s episode would feature tracks from his latest EP, as well as a bunch of new music that the he is really into, Avicii dove straight in with his remix of Sandro Cavazza‘s ‘So Much Better’, followed by the smooth sounds of EDX‘s ‘Voyage’ before dropping the vocally polished ‘Devil In Me’ by Purple Disco Machine.

Avicii kept a groovy tempo throughout, with Don Diablo‘s ‘Momentum’ and synth strong track ‘Futurmastic’ from Dombresky. His music choice throughout the radio show was second to none. However, all good things come to an end, as the musician closed his debut show with ‘What Would I Change It To’ featuring singer Aluna George, a track with which features in the Avici (01) EP. The radio show is sure to be a hit with many more episodes still to come.

Listen to the full show below and be sure to check back in when Episode 002 goes live.