The Backstreet Boys are looking for some electronic flavour on their next album

‘Backstreets back alright’ as the ever so popular 90’s boy band the Backstreet Boys are ready to hit the studio for their next album. Forming back in 1993 the band have enjoyed monumental success around the globe with a faithful following of Backstreet fans. Now having signed to RCA Records to produce their 10th studio album, the boys are looking for some added electronic inspiration. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Backstreet’s boy member AJ Mclean shared how the band was in the market for a potential electronic music producer to contribute to their new album.

AJ Mclean said:

“We’re reaching out to people who we were always inspired by or who may have been fans and we didn’t even know. We’ve all made friends with different people. Nick’s been talking to Steve Aoki Howie talked to Zedd, who’s been a big, big fan [and] Diplo, we’ve also talked to. We’ve also done stuff with The Chainsmokers and those guys are amazing and out in Vegas with a residency as well, so who knows.”

Already poised with a list of talented music producers, the band further added American record producer Timberland to the mix who has been working alongside Backstreet boy Nick Carter on the television show and music competition series Boy Band. With a host of megastars to choose from the Backstreet Boys new album will certainly cater for those 90’s kids but also the electronic fans as well. Be sure to keep an eye out on socials for any upcoming news from the band.

The Backstreet Boys