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Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo – Nothing Better

When two of the biggest names in house music join forces in the studio, the results are often pretty speical. And whilst they may share the same first name, Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo demonstrate once again that they also share the unique ability to craft some of the finest house music in the industry. Having teamed up on multiple occasions before to bring us ‘The Calling’ and ‘Piano Hand’, their latest collaboration entitled ‘Nothing Better’ has just been released through Insomniac Records.

The pair have created a track that is filled with the reminiscent vibe of a classic 90’s house release but also delivering the clear-&-crisp sound design of a 2017 production. When the energy of the record kicks in and the pristine, nostalgia-filled vocals of Malika Ferguson reverberate, you can guarantee that every single person on the dancefloor will be dancing. Combining the groovy beat with the bouncy bass line, the infectious lead rift will be stuck in your head all day. With records like this, it is no surprise these two producers have already cemented their names as dance music legends.

‘Nothing Better’ is available on all major platforms now.