deadmau5 drops video for Shotty Horroh collaboration

Canadian dance music producer and world renowned social media troll, Joel Zimmerman has been teasing his loyal fans, with a series of live videos on his Youtube channel, giving viewers a glimpse into what it takes to produce the music he makes. The performer better known by his Deadmau5 pseudonym has since released his highly-anticipated collaboration with Shotty Horroh on the 25th of August 2017The UK based rapper, who has since joined Zimmerman’s Mau5trap family, immediately grabbed the attention of Deadmau5 fans, who saw their progressive house hero, turn his attention towards hip-hop.

Although the track entitled Legendary, may not be the pair’s first collaboration, it certainly shows a conscious move for both Deadmau5 and Shotty Horroh into a new found spotlight. Taking elements from either artist’s unique repertoire and fusing them into a sonic soundscape that seems fresh, yet familiar. ‘Legendary’ features incredibly intelligent lyrics, delivered in a catchy yet powerful manner, true to the content Shotty Horroh has become known for. Further taking the listener down an unconscious rabbit hole, where every second head-bop makes you stand back and take note, the collaboration certainly carves a whole new path, through a somewhat stagnant music industry.

Being the slightly more famous between the two, Deadmau5 takes responsibility for delivering a growling synth bass line over a surprisingly organic, 90’s style beat. Now taking the collaboration to a brand new level, ‘Legendary’ received an official music video on the 11th of September. With visuals that seem to ‘shout out’ to the mid-1990’s, the video retells the story of a coming together between the 2 artists, as well as an overwhelming response from fans of both musical camps. Do yourself a favor, and check out the full video below. The track, which is also available through most online portals, is certainly worth every penny.