DUAL duo showcase their innovative best in latest release titled “Doze”

If you do trust a single to rock out your house party and still be the sole relief when you search your phone to listen alone then do make sure that the track is DUAL‘s latest. The Auckland based duo, featuring Jamie Pyne and Maurice Miller, have already been pioneering in niche sound that can only be imagined as a cross over of Neo-psychedelia with electronic music. If that’s still a bit uncertain, then think of Tame Impala or front-man Kevin Parker mixing and mashing away with Madeon. Already having stamped their adeptness to dish out the psychedelic sound in their Self-titled EP, which was released in April, the duo now look to enter a more upbeat territory with their latest track ‘DOZE’.

Kicking off with chirpy tones, an initial listening would have any listener deceived and guessing the last time they heard this song. But the track truly kicks in when the experimentalism of the playful reverb and the mind-bending vocals take over and deliver to the listener an even more upbeat layer – one that is assured to get you rolling your shoulders.

A double ‘doze’ of smooth melody and infectious vocal snippets tucked in behind, the track essentially makes for a great laid-back listening but what it really certifies is that, with the previous EP in mind, the DUAL duo have a very special sound and an uncanny versatility – the kind which would carry them way beyond the ditch. Twirls, tings and the absorbing reverb laced sound aside, ‘Doze’ is an exceptionally sound sculpture carved carefully with joy by the DUAL duo and we hope to hear more from them.

The track can be purchased on iTunes here.

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