EDC announces exciting changes for its 2018 edition

Electronic Daisy Carnival ranks with Tomorrowland and Ultra as some of the world’s top electronic dance music festivals and for the  2018 edition of EDC next year there are several major changes to the concept, as announced today by the event’s kingpin Pasquale Rotella.

Under the slogan ‘All Are Welcome Here‘, the festival will now be held over the second to last last weekend in May, shrewdly coming before the busy Memorial Day weekend and when the Las Vegas heat is tolerable but not scorching. This means the festival will open earlier and feature an opening ceremony, a new concept for the 2018 iteration.

In addition, construction on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where EDC is hosted, will be completed by Summer 2018 which will mean three lanes of traffic will be opened up, making the drop off process fairly quicker. EDC will also hand the reins over to a professional shuttle service rather than managing it on their own, hopefully making the transportation much easier and more efficient.

Finally, EDC has introduced camping, making it truly a one-stop shop. RVs and regular camping are welcome on the desert grounds adjacent to the speedway and fans who camp only have to travel to and from the festival once. With desert nighttime temperatures a relatively cool 18 degrees celsius, camping will prove to be a comfortable experience for ravers who will continue to hear their favorite music.