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Eric Prydz shares his love for 90’s Hip-Hop artists

One of the industry’s most iconic artists, Eric Prydz commands a monumental amount of respect in the scene, from fans of techno and the mainstream alike. He has always had a talent for producing some of the finest sounds, while simultaneously capturing the mainstream appeal, proven by the success of his anthem, ‘Opus‘. One of the genres which fans would likely not link with the Swedish megastar is Hip-Hop, however through some surprising tweets, Eric Prydz revealed that he actually has a deep appreciation for the genre.

Citing Timbaland, Dre and DJ Muggs as some of his favourite Hip-Hop artists from the 90s, and Method Man as his favourite rapper, Eric Prydz goes on to explain that he doesn’t feel the same appreciation for modern rap. Having an insight into the music that helped shape him into the musician he is today is truly fascinating, and the fact that he listens to Hip-Hop will no doubt come as a surprise to most fans. Take a look at the rest of Eric Prydz’s tweets below, where he cites some of his all time favourite Hip-Hop artists.

H/T: EDMTunes

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