Ultra Music Festival EDM Miami

JEDI – Playas In Major Positions P.I.M.P. (feat. IZ454)

Los Angeles-based producer JEDI has been quickly rising in the electronic music scene over the past couple years with his downtempo and experimental sound. Now he is joining forces with mysterious vocalist IZ454 to bring you their new crossover collaboration “Playas In Major Positions P.I.M.P.” Released just last week, the track is a gift to fans in the form of a free download his way to thank them for the continued support.

Featuring hard-hitting drums and soothing hip-hop bars, the free download is the perfect production to kick back and relax to on a Sunday after a long weekend. JEDI’s unique use of new sounds and instruments is extremely refreshing to hear if you’re looking for a both rap and electronic music-infused production that is slightly different than what we normally hear on the radio and the main stage.

Listen to the new single below and let us know what you think.