How To Dominate Spotify

Learn how to take your Spotify presence to the next level

Over the past few years, online streaming has become the predominant consumption choice of the masses. Long gone are the days of going to record shops or sifting through hundreds of low-quality mislabeled songs on Napster; the new era of technology has ushered in services like Spotify providing on-demand musical content from a virtually endless library, directly to the consumer’s fingertips.

This is why, as an artist in 2017, it is so important to maintain an active presence on such streaming services. Spotify playlists today virtually dictate what becomes an international hit, even more so than human influencers on other platforms. As a majority of these playlists are curated based on listener data, the hit-producing potential of these platforms is incredible.

Major Spotify playlists such as RapCaviar and Mint (formerly ElectroNow) tend to get the attention of most artists who are active on the platform. Every artist on Spotify has, at one point, dreamed of getting their music plugged into these high-tier playlists with millions of active worldwide followers, with no obvious way to achieve such a status. However, most tend to overlook the other end of Spotify’s user base when considering getting their music heard — the listeners themselves.

Everyday listeners have become some of Spotify’s most influential tastemakers, through dedicated independent playlists. These playlists, while not promoted directly by Spotify, cater to various niche genres and moods, and have the power to introduce a song into Spotify’s complex playlisting algorithms. This, in turn, catches the attention of Spotify’s own in-house editors and curators, drastically improving the odds of a track being added into a major system playlist.

In essence, the key to landing solid ground as an artist is to focus on landing on these smaller independent playlists — they are the true gatekeepers of Spotify’s ruthless hit-producing algorithms.

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