Marshmello red cross

Marshmello donates to Red Cross following Hurricane Harvey

The devastation that Hurricane Harvey left behind was felt across the entire world, as without doubt one of the most damaging hurricanes in the last decade, leaving millions affected in its wake. The dance music community has always been known to come together in times of great tragedy, as seen recently by the responses to the attacks in Charlottesville. Now, superstar Marshmello is looking to take action, and has briefly taken his focus away from the demanding lifestyle of a DJ in an effort to help the victims in the area by making a donation to the Red Cross.

In a tweet posted over the weekend, the masked producer posted a video revealing he will be donating an incredible $100,000 on behalf of himself and his mellogang fanbase to the Red Cross foundation to support their recovery and cleanup efforts. It was reported that the hurricane has caused over $160 billion in damages so any donation will prove extremely helpful, and Marshmello’s donation will go a very long way. There is little doubt that the tweet gave even more exposure to the Red Cross, and allowed thousands of fans to add to the donation pile.