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Martin Garrix wins case against ex-manager

Reports of a dispute between world #1 DJ, Martin Garrix, and ex-manager Eelko van Kooten have long been a sensitive issue. The young DJ/Producer had been signed by Dutch powerhouse Spinnin’ Records, at the tender age of 16, this was soon followed by a management deal with Music All-Stars (MAS), both of which were run by Van Kooten. According to the 21-year-old superstar, tensions arose when he was informed that the rights to his own music would no longer belong to him, but to Spinnin’ Records. Taking to Facebook, Garrix announced a split from both the label and management, citing irreparable damage due to actions on the part of Van Kooten. A great deal of the label’s current fan-base had been accumulated through tracks like Animals, a track that undoubtedly made Martin Garrix a household name.

After an ongoing battle, lasting 2 years, the Lelystad court to whom the case was appointed finally gave a verdict in favour of the young producer. The court found that Garrix, who is known as Martijn Garritsen to friends and family was clearly misled. According to Garrix, Van Kooten had purposefully presented false and misleading information, forcing the young artist to forgo all rights, with regard to his own music. Garrix further stated that the contract set up by Van Kooten served in the interest of the manager alone, leaving the artist with neither rights nor bargaining position.

The court based in the Netherlands further stated that the contract between Garrix and Van Kooten would be destroyed, and therefore null and void. Moreover, all rights to Garritsen’s music are returned effective immediately. The judge stated that Van Kooten had created the impression that Martin’s best interest would be taken into account upon signing the aforementioned contract, but had turned out to be a lie. A verdict, with regard to damages suffered by Garrix, is yet to be declared.

Following the verdict, Garrix stated:

“I am happy with this outcome, not only for myself but also for all other DJ’s/producers out there, since this case was not only about me, but about all of us artists”

Martin Garrix