Lighthouse ookay

Ookay and Fox Stevenson – Lighthouse

Ookay and Fox Stevenson have teamed up on the Monstercat label for a spectacular future bass tune called ‘Lighthouse‘. The rollicking, bass-heavy track features bright, buzzing synths. Not only is the new single a collaboration between Ookay and Fox Stevenson as producers, but they also provide the vocals for the track.

Ookay and Fox Stevenson’s work on ‘Lighthouse‘ caught fire immediately, with an array of major DJs embracing the track in their live sets, including Skrillex and Major Lazer.

An active presence on social media interacting with his fans, Ookay’s breakout hit was ‘Thief‘ and this fall and winter he will be touring the United States. Fox Stevenson is British-born singer-songwriter who has found success expressing his lyrical creativity in the more bass-orientated sub-genres of electronic dance music.

Listen to Ookay and Fox Stevenson’s new single below: