Slushii is working on an EP full of “2008-2011 style dance music”

Not too long after Slushii (whose real name is Julian Scanlan) dropped his first, highly-anticipated studio album, the 20-year-old trap & dubstep producer took to Twitter to report that he’ll be working on a brand-new EP, inspired by “2008-2011 style Dance Music”.

Generally considered as the time in which Big Room, electro house and dubstep (prominently in the U.S) became the face of dance music, the vast array of styles that came to fruition in this period gives Slushii plenty inspiration to work off of. Most notably, Skrillex‘s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites‘ EP was released in 2010, kicking off the dubstep movement that would change the world forever.

Slushii’s new album ‘Out of Light‘ is a 13-track showcase of the young artist’s incredible production skills. Drawing inspiration from acts such as MarshmelloJauz and even Major Lazer, Julian flaunts his versatility and ability to maintain his sound, while injecting a fresh new twist.

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