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Swedish duo Swedz talk about their origins, sound and latest track ‘Waves’

Hailing straight out of Gothenburg, the Swedish duo of Lucas Börjesson & Emil Johansson are ready to make their presence felt on the big stages of Europe. Together known by their Swedz moniker, the duo have already managed to showcase their adeptness from behind the production desk through their scintillating releases in the shape of ‘Miles Away‘ featuring Max Landry and a remix for Gigi Rowe’s ‘Run The Night‘. Showcasing shades of the ever so iconic modern day Swedish sound, it is worth anticipating that they follow suit after Swedish giants such as Swedish House Mafia and Alesso in terms of sound – a fact that they confirm in this exclusive interview.

Adding to their impressive catalog of releases so far, they look even more strong with their latest release ‘Waves‘. Featuring a punchy synth work and a break-beat style House production, ‘Waves’ looks to be one of their releases that puts a stamp on their versatility when it comes to production. Not letting go of the opportunity we had, we made sure to sit down with the Swedz duo of Börjesson and Johansson to ask some interesting questions about their origins, their releases, their future and influences.

How long have you guys been producers/DJs for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as artists and how did you two meet?

It all started out with our passion for music. We both started to produce music in our bedrooms in 2011. We went to the same school and started talking at some point, we don’t really remember how but we ended up talking about music and realized that we had a common interest. We showed each other our music projects and we both loved what we heard! So about three years ago we planned a studio session and did a remix together. That remix got good response so we continued to make music together now and then until we came up with the idea of creating the DJ duo Swedz (about one year ago) Since then we’ve both been focusing on Swedz.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

Our biggest influences have mostly been Swedish house mafia, Kryder and Alesso. We have followed Swedish house mafia for a long time and they have always been our biggest inspiration. We have always loved Kryder’s groovy style, and Alesso’s melodies have always been something special for us.

Every country has its own distinguishing features and you hail from Sweden. What’s the difference between Sweden and the rest of the world?

We guess that the Swedish sound is very unique in house music. You can almost tell when something has been done in Sweden. But house is not the only genre that swedes has been successful in, Sweden has many big names in the music industry. So we think that Swedish producers has an urge to always create something new and unique. That’s the main reasons Sweden is different from other countries according to us. We think Sweden has a very bright future in the music industry with many upcoming talented producers. Sweden is also famous for the shitty weather (laughs). In Sweden it’s very cold for six months every year so it’s hard to find something to do. It’s a good thing since we then can work more on our music.

You’ve just released an astounding future bass record “Waves”. How did the track come to life? And what were the inspirations behind this record?

Yes, the track Waves came to life when we were experimenting with some new future bass sounds. We had heard a couple of Future bass records that we really liked, so we went “future bass mode” and it turned out pretty good we think.


Speaking of your recent track, it certainly differs from your previous tracks “Miles Away”, your remix for “Friend” and “Kalava” to name a few. Are you heading for a change in direction or are we hearing you try out different styles in every production?

All music is good music. We are experimenting with many genres that we like and will continue to do so. It’s a big contrast between ‘Miles Away’ and ‘Kalava’ for example. And there’s definitely a big contrast between ‘Miles Away’ and ‘Waves’. We make different styles mainly because we like to discover new sounds and also because we like to make music we can use on our sets. The more club-like tracks are mainly for our sets and for DJ’s to play.

What does 2017 hold in store? Any hints or clues that we could get about future productions and collaborations?

We can say that we have a big thing coming soon. It involves a collaboration between a special vocalist and us. Then there’s other collaborations that will drop sooner or later, with some other talented producers and singers. These tracks will be released in late 2017 or early 2018. What’s left of 2017 will mostly be spent in the studio creating new tunes. One thing that we can mention is that we are heading back to the old-school with some 80’s & 90’s vibes in a remix that will drop soon. So stay tuned!

Their latest release ‘Waves’ is available here.

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