t. Siza’s mixtape titled ‘The Space Pilot’ gets a release on the Super Black Tapes imprint

Adding to the promising Dance music scene arising from South Africa is electronic music producer t. Siza. Hailing from the city of Witbank, Mpumalanga, the enigmatic producer has eyes for the future of music and nothing else. And after being signed to the Super Black Tapes imprint, it is these congruence of personalities, apart from being on the lookout for the future sounds, that have personified the relationship between the label and the 21-year old producer. Having already released tracks on Super Black Tapes and Roots Go Deep before, it was time that the futuristic outlook of t. Siza received its very own platform. Timely enough, the budding producer sees his mixtape/album ‘The Space Pilot’ get released on Super Black Tapes.

The album is precisely the depiction of what the label and t. Siza have stood for as it showcases former’s philosophy of every track being a painting and the label being a museum itself along with t. Siza’s style of deriving his sound from Techno but stopping at no length to expand horizons to explore it and the opening track ‘Future Girlss’ is testament to this. Productions such as ‘Understand No More’ and the title track are the ones which bring out the lengths to which the talented producer has gone to in order to bring out the novelty in his sound. The God Of Thunder remix for ‘Understand No More’ is also a well crafted feature on the album but it is ‘Love Is Gone’ that stands out as the album’s best production.

Tracks such as ‘Astro Astro’ and ‘Rave Escape’ are two which draw from Techno specifically and are understandably the statement tracks for t. Siza’s sound as a whole. ‘Space Jamming 101’ is probably the only track off the album that may ring tones of familiarity for the mainstream listeners. ‘Love Game’ works as a fitting end to the album – encompassing all the tactics of production used in the album.

While to some it may seem to take roots in groove or disco and to others from Techno or Krautrock, what stands unarguably clear is that is t. Siza is one of the most far-out producers being featured in this space. Although the music may need some polishing and streamlining in order for him to make it into the fray of the big name players, t. Siza’s debut album works as a good indicator of whats to come from the South African producer.

‘The Space Pilot’ album is available for purchase here.

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