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The Prodigy announce brand new album

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By far one of the most extraordinary acts to ever be associated with dance music, The Prodigy have left audiences in shock and awe for almost 3 decades. The mischievous trio undoubtedly stands apart, with a punk rock attitude that easily goes toe to toe with rock music’s most flamboyant personalities, sharing stages with the likes of Slipknot. While the UK based act certainly sports a harder edge, featuring distorted guitar riffs, mesmerizing drum breaks, and a live show that includes a ‘wall of death’, there’s no arguing that The Prodigy belong to dance music. Having played a major part in the evolution of genres like big beat, rave, and hardcore techno, the controversial group have paved the way for artists like SkrillexKnife Party and Pendulum, who might have had a slightly more difficult journey, were it not for The Prodigy’s pioneering work.

The trio, who are made up of Keith Flint, Maxim, and mastermind Liam Howlett recently announced that they would be releasing a brand new album in 2018, following up from their immensely successful 2015 release titled The Day Is My Enemy, which came after a massive six-year break since the release of equally popular Invaders Must Die. Further news announced through the group’s social media, was the release of a single to be launched before the end of 2017.

Following an interview with British magazine NME, just over a year ago, Liam Howlett had stated that the group would focus on EP’s rather than a new album, saying:

We want to get to the point where we release EPs instead of albums. We’re not really bothered about releasing albums anymore. […] The whole process just takes too long.

While this came as disappointing news to fans across the globe, the band’s latest change of heart comes as a massive relief, as they signed a new deal with music publishing giant BMG, confirming the release of the yet untitled album to be released in 2018.

In case you’ve never had the privilege of attending one of The Prodigy’s life-changing live shows, you can check out some footage of the band’s classic ‘Mindfields’ live from Russia below.