Tommy Trash explores his softer side on dreamy house ballad ‘Sinners’

Over the years fans have definitely gotten to know Australian producer Tommy Trash for his massive dancefloor bangers and chart-topping tunes. Mostly energetic electro house tracks, played at mainstages all over the world, such as ‘Reload‘ ft. Sebastian Ingrosso & John Martin and ‘Sunrise’ ft. The Ashton Shuffle, possibly his biggest production yet. Even more so it comes as quite a (pleasant) surprise to see Trash is now aiming to now get in touch with his softer side. The 37-year-old producer, who currently resides in Los Angeles, teamed up with Daisy Guttridge for a smooth chill-out house tune called ‘Sinners’.

In an interview with Billboard Tommy Trash opened up on working with the talented 17-year-old UK musician Daisy Guttridge:

“I had already been working with Daisy on a bunch of other songs, then one day, she played me this vocal, and I was like, “Damn, I want this!” Really dug the melodies – but even more so, the sentiment of the lyrics. I whipped together a bunch of different tracks over the next couple of days and eventually came to the current version.”

Trash, a gifted pianist himself, is no exception when it comes to DJ’s and producers feeling the need to explore different sides of themselves. Only last week we’ve seen fellow big room giant Hardwell come up with a tech-house set and Armin van Buuren’s adventurous ‘Embrace’ turned out to be a huge success. Trash explained to Billboard what inspired him to try out a more chilled and mellow approach to his sound:

“Honestly, I didn’t intend to make something this chill, but it just felt like the right way to serve the vocal best. I’m a piano player at heart, so it was refreshing to make something super stripped-back and organic, after making so much banging dance music over the years.”

With ‘Sinners’ Tommy Trash definitely succeeded to come up with a brilliant production once again. Initially listeners may think he turned to a classical piano ballad, but then the tune speeds up to a more persistent beat with some nice tropical house influences. Check the full Billboard interview with Tommy Trash here and be sure to take a listen to the dreamy ‘Sinners’, because tunes like these make you wish summer would never end!