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Vinyl sales on the rise in UK and worldwide music industry

The sale of vinyl records is seeing a boom in terms of its own sales and the sales that the associated industries are experiencing. Although the trend has been on the track since 2006, and 2015 saw a staggering 32% rise from 1988 figures to a tune of $416 million, the latest sale statistics from the British Phonographic Industry are ready to tell another story.

DJMag had earlier reported that the sales of associated industries of Vinyl are touted to hit the 1 billion mark on the international scale and while that may or may not be achieved anytime now, the sale of Vinyls themselves are looking to go strong. The records have now been off-setting the sale of CDs in the UK and are enjoying their highest popularity ratings in the past 25 years. The magazine also notes that the events have cropped at up at time when the seemingly lost culture of record stores being the popular music fronts is also making a comeback.

All in all, there is much to be said and anticipated about the rise of vinyls and where the industry might be heading but if current statistics are to be the blueprint for what is to come then we may rest assured that the iconic vinyls are now making a return to our households not only for dance music but also for the global music industry as a whole.

H/T: DJMag

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