Industry giant Warner Music acquires Spinnin’ Records

In what is looking to be one of the biggest news from the industry, Music scene’s giants Warner Music Group (WMG) have announced their acquiring of electronic music’s pioneering imprint Spinnin’ Records. Founded and established in 1999, the Dutch music label has been the mainstay of some of the leading artists of the industry and has housed present day big name producers before they got their break. Not only that, the Spinnin’ Records imprint is often itself associated with the whole Dance music scene in general – after all, it has been the platform for some of the biggest hits of the past decade. The Spinnin’ setup has also housed sub-labels one after another, providing a platform for their artists to create a sub-platform for the music that they would like to release. This had led to Spinnin’ increasing and expanding its business on a far greater scale and resulted in offering a myriad of choices when it came to the liking of the listener.

Now with the acquisition complete and announced, Spinnin’ Records will now be run by its co-founder Roger de Graaf as CEO, who will work closely with Bart Cools, Warner Music group’s EVP, Global A&R and Marketing, Dance Music. Another important facet of this change is that Spinnin’ Records’ co-founder Eelko van Kooten has established that he will look for greener pastures in another industry. He only had kind words for the situation as he was quoted saying:

“Each of the Spinnin’ companies has matured successfully which makes it a good moment for me to step down. With pride and joy I look back on 25 exciting years in the music industry and feel grateful to have worked with so many talented artists and an incredible team at Spinnin’.”

Max Lousada, the newly announced WMG CEO for Recorded Music, claimed that the recent acquisition is only an addition to ‘WMG’s growing family of labels’ where each had its own ‘cultural identity’. Undoubtedly true, this is what Spinnin’ Records brings with itself as the acquisition would see WMG venture as major player and result in a mutually beneficial introduction to the global scene.

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