W&W link up with Vini Vici for their epic psytrance anthem “Chakra”

W&W are notoriously known to have an absolutely loaded arsenal of IDs just waiting to see the light of day and now we are given one of their most anticipated collaborations. “Chakra” together with upcoming Israeli duo Vini Vici has been taking over DJ sets everywhere ever since the premiere during EDC Las Vegas and was one of the most played IDs during this year’s Tomorrowland. Armin van Buuren notably opened up his Tomorrowland set with his edit of the track, which clearly got a lot of people talking ahead of its release just two months later.

This psytrance-infused anthem is nothing short of incredible as it blends together the styles of both duos in the perfect manner. While W&W has stated their trance productions would fall under their NWYR alias, “Chakra” was just too massive of a release to not have under their iconic W&W moniker. The track opens up into a bass-thumping psytrance beat drop that gets things started on an extremely high note. The chanting melody and chorus, which leads into a more electro house and big room second drop would have been absolutely perfect to hear throughout festival season but we will have to be thankful we got the new single at all. Both duos are clearly not showing any signs of slowing down in terms of releasing the most high energy and diverse productions and “Chakra” is definitely a positive sign of things to come.

Stream the single below.