David Guetta & Justin Bieber

David Guetta & Justin Bieber reveal stunning ‘2U’ music video

David Guetta and Justin Bieber‘s collaboration2U‘ has proved incredibly popular with audiences ever since its release in June this year, having been streamed over 400 million times worldwide. The pair have recruited the Brewer directing duo to bring their track to life in a music video, and the result has surpassed all expectations.

The video is completely unique and thought-provoking, showing a young couple arguing, before the woman storms out. The scene repeats in slight variation, each time subtly different, showing how the scenario could have played out differently. Some of the scenes even see the couple argue in a zombie apocalypse and in a 50s diner. The whole video is captivating, bringing the track and lyrics to life through its mesmerizing imagery.

Here is what the Brewer duo had to say about the video:

‘’When we first heard 2U we were struck by how the music and lyrics supported each other. The song perfectly captures the emotional phenomenon of loving someone to the point where there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. And we thought it would be great to embrace this idea, being as it’s one of our most beloved cultural clichés, and repeat it over and over again to try to see if through repetition a new perspective, a new deconstruction, could happen. It’s like saying a word over and over again, eventually it starts to lose its shape. We hope people are compelled to watch it multiple times because there is a lot of fun stuff hiding in the frames’’.

Check out the official music video for ‘2U’ below.

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