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Avicii teams up with ‘Invector’ on PS4

Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii has teamed up with Hello There Games, creators of the brand new rhythm game Invector, which is coming soon to Sony PlayStation for both gamers and music lovers alike. The rhythmic experience tasks users to hone their obstacle syncing skills and various other elements to each track. The game also allows users to fly solo or team up with friends and take on Invectors world, accomplishing missions that involve beats, vocals and melodies. Having been unveiled by Sony PlayStation at Paris Games Week 2017, the rhythm game looks set to be a must-play for any enthusiast.

The trailer for the upcoming video game captivates viewers from the very unwinding seconds. Avicii’s sensational track with Sandro Cavazza – ‘Without You‘ plays in the background of what can only be described as an eye-catching trailer. The visual dominance of Invector bares a powering sense of attention to detail as the games in-play world thrives through spectacular colour and impeccable graphics. Coupled with snippets of Avicii performances, Invector’s trailer will send any gamers senses tingling.

Invectors official website says:

In an exclusive collaboration, INVECTOR features superstar AVICII, one of the world’s biggest EDM artists, experienced like never before”. 

Be sure to keep an eye on this one for its release, and find your rhythm with Invector, check out the trailer below.