Summer Festival EDM

Bergevi & Wahlbeck ft. Vendela – Never Let You Go

Summer may be over for most people, but Bergevi & Wahlbeck’s latest release will give you those special summer vibes all year long. The two Swedish up and comers teamed up in the studio to deliver ‘Never Let You Go’ alongside the glorious vocals of Vendela, and it results in a rejuvenating single that will no doubt prove to be a hit for both producers to add to their resumes. Even in this relatively early stage of their careers, both Bergevi and Wahlbeck have both proven themselves worthy of the spotlight within the electronic dance music circuit, and this latest hit will further cement their names as ones to watch for the future.

Combining elements from pop, deep house, and tropical house, the track effectively showcases the versatility both artists possess as music producers and provides a unique experience to the listener. Providing the perfect soundtrack to your summer adventures, ‘Never Let You Go’ will have you longing for a cold drink under the sizzling hot sun. With the vocals an emotional touch to the uplifting chord progressions, the upbeat tropical hook leads into a toe-tapping drop which oozes smooth summery road-trip vibes. So no matter what time of the year it is when you’re listening to this anthem, summer won’t seem so far away.

Stream the track on Spotify below.